Fly Fish For Pike

David Wolsoncroft-Dodds

What's happening?

I will be demonstrating at Sandringham game fair again this year

I will be demonstrating at The Wiltshire Gamefair at Bowood House.

My name is David Wolsoncroft-Dodds and my passion is catching pike – including some real monsters – with my fly rod. As you will see from the images on the site, it is entirely possible with the right techniques and equipment.

Throughout these pages, I will introduce you to one of the most exciting sports imaginable. It isn’t restricted to Great Britain. If, like me, you are an adventurous soul, you may like to fish the pristine wilderness of Northern Manitoba or the Kwarken Archipelago on the Finnish Baltic. Under big skies and in the company of eagles, you will enjoy a fishing experience to cherish and remember forever.

I am an instructor and writer on fly fishing for pike. I work as a guide in England and also host trips to some special far-flung destinations.

If you would like me to come to your local water and give some instruction, a one to one lesson or a group fishing session, it can easily be arranged.

My objective is to promote the exciting and challenging sport of fly fishing for pike and to help you to derive the maximum pleasure and satisfaction from your fishing.

In the height of summer, high water temperatures mean there is less oxygen dissolved in the water. The pike are best left in peace until the cooler days of the autumn. I head west for the summer and fish for bass and pollack in Devon and Cornwall. This is entertaining fishing in stunningly beautiful settings. As with pike fishing, we are targeting proper wild fish that can bend your rod.

In April, when the pike are spawning and the sea is cold, I fish for trout. It keeps me in touch with why I first started to fly fish.

My hair and my beard may have turned grey but I’m still obsessed with ‘The Gentle Art of Fly Fishing’. Sometimes, it’s rather less gentle – catching blue shark on my 14wt can be quite brutal! Always, it’s entertaining, adsorbing and fulfilling.